Saving With Golds

18 Dec 2009

When money value goes down we need new way to save our many. We try to make the value keep or get more than past value. So the people now try to find way to save their money. One of the ways to save money exchange rate is by saving our money with gold. And I think saving with gold is more saver than saving with bank note.

Exchange rate of gold coins never gets loss. So when you decide to saving in gold coins, you are doing a good decision. Formerly, if we like to buy gold coins we have to go to bank. Because in that era, only bank sells the gold coin

If you dont interest with gold coin you also can save with gold bullion. But when you want to buy bullion you need more money to buy it. Because gold bullion more expensive than gold coin. So now the decision is in your hand. You can choose which one does you one. Buy gold coins or gold bullion.

But the most important is both same beneficial than you save with bank note. Because by save with gold you never get loss. And also now you can buy gold via internet. So you no need to go to bank to buy gold.

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